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Orkney 24-7 Prayer room

What is a prayer room?  


A prayer room is simply a space created to help people like you to encounter God.  That space is then decorated and prepared with various art utensils and other means to make it easy for people to engage with God in a variety of different ways.


The idea is that the room is set up as a designated place for you to go and meet with God.  Sure, you could do this at home, but having a special place to go, and a time booked in the diary seems to help sometimes. And, by linking together with others over the week, God often seems to use these times with synergistic effect.


Then, we put up a booking diary somewhere breaking up seven days into one hour slots in the hopes that we will have a continuous prayer chain that lasts for seven days, 24 hours a day.


The Prayer room in The Life Centre is set up to allow access for people to pray 24 hours a day. During the night hours, slots will need to be pre-booked, but drop-ins will be welcome during the day.


Although we are not legalistic about it, we would love to see every hour of the week covered, so why not book an hour?  This is an opportunity to draw near... to intercede... to stand in the gap.. .or to cry out for breakthrough in Orkney.


This is a unique form of prayer because many of the prayers are written out on the walls or left in a diary there in the prayer room. This makes it possible to agree with others in prayer while at the same time not making it uncomfortable for folk who might be shy to pray out loud in front of others.


We hope that you enjoy the prayer room, and hope to see you there.  

Worshipping the Lord in a Spirit filled way can be creative. This describes the Orkney Church The Orkney Church is a praying church and we love seeking the presence of God. The Orkney Church is a praying church.. book your slot now. book now facebook button

The Orkney Church is a church committed to prayer. The 24-7 prayer room is an expression of that commitment.

This May, there is a call to prayer.

The main focus is to pray that more people would come to know Jesus. There is more information about this ministry below. We are excited to run a 24-7 prayer event.


24-7 week!  

We are setting up the prayer room for a 24-7. If you have never been a part of that, you must try it.

This year we are splitting the 24-7 Prayer Room between two venues. The Prayer Room will be set up from Sunday 26th May until Wednesday 29th May at The Life Centre, East Road, Kirkwall. It will then be set up from Thursday 30th May until Saturday 1st June at Mick and Miriam Frier's home. Phone: 850051.

You can book your slot by clicking on the red link in the column to the right.


Prayer Walks/Drives

We encourage you to go in groups for prayer walks and prayer drives during this time. Feel free to go in small groups and pray for Orkney to know Jesus!


Evening Worship Services

There will be two corporate evening Worship/Prayer meetings; one to begin the event, and the second to close. They will be:

Saturday the 25th of May from 7:30pm - 10pm at The Life Centre, and

Saturday the 1st of June from 7:30pm - 10pm at Firth Kirk in Finstown.

These will be relaxed times of vibrant worship. Feel free to drop in at any time for a chance to encounter God together.

May 2019- Thy Kingdom Come