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This church has a long legacy of putting its faith into action.  As co-labouring with other churches is a strong value, many of the ministries we are involved in are partnerships with other churches. Here are some of the ministries and outreaches that our church supports.


  • The Life Centre: The building itself which is hired out strategically in a way to bless and make an impact in the community.


  • Healing Rooms: an interchurch ministry which takes place in the Life Centre which seeks God for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.


  • Vital Talk: A Christian Counseling service to help facilitate restoration.  


  • Celebrate Recovery: A course designed to help those struggling with substance misuse to find freedom.


  • CAP Money: A course by Christians Against Poverty, designed to provide budgeting tools to those struggling to manage their finances.


  • Foodbank:  A group of Christians feeding those who are in crisis, but also providing a space for people to drop in.


  • FactFinders: A once a month event for dads and children to use The Life Centre to hang out together. FACT= FAthers And Children Together.


  • Street Pastors:  A ministry across churches which goes on to the streets in the evenings to minister to those coming out of the pubs with the love of Jesus.