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Sharing Life

'Speaking Life' is a distinctive of Christian Growth International.  Bev Murril spells it out best in her book Speak Life... and Shut the Hell Up .  She says, "...speaking life is a natural result of having received by revelation, God s perspective on a situation." and she goes on to say that when we speak out of His perspective, we are aligning our words with His giving us power to change an atmosphere.


'Sharing life' is when Jesus pours His Spirit into our lives with such a volume that it overflows into the lives of others.  At its core  it is a desire to connect with the Source of Life. Whenever we do, there's always enough to share! Sharing Life looks like community... generous people caring for one another, visiting with one another, eating together, serving with one another, learning together, worshiping together, praying for each other, having a laugh together, and in general doing life together. 'Sharing Life' is not cliquey. It's about loving people  whether they are part of your group or not. This is how Jesus loved people (Rom 5:8).


It's not something that can be forced or manipulated, but it is important to be intentional about. It's our aim to be intentional about knowing God, (John 17:3) and at the same time growing closer to one another.


Like any community of believers, we are broken people... but we are growing. And, all are welcome to join us on this journey. You don't have to be religious... you're welcome here.