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Who we are... is determined by what we value?

The Christian Growth Centre Orkney Church gets it's DNA from the church movement we are a part of Christian Growth International. We all share a common set of values, and you can see those here. 


Nevertheless, there are some additional values that we hold at CGC Orkney worth mentioning.


Here are a few of the principles we hold dear. This is not an exclusive list, but it may help give you an idea of who we are.


  • Encounter: In the presence of God is where the fullness of joy can be found (Psalm 16:11).  Having that encounter with God and sustaining it throughout our lives is our chief aim. This is why God sent His Son Jesus, that we may know Him.  


  • Fruitful Lives:  We want to live with purpose and meaning, and we hope that as we learn to do life 'in step' with God, we will get to see the world change for the better through His power. 


  • Community:  We want to broaden our definition of family. It's about connection, learning what it means to share life together with meals, fun, worship and service.


  • Worship: We want our whole life to please God, and be an act of worship, but, we also want to meet together and worship Him in a lively style.


  • Healing:  Everywhere Jesus went, He healed people. We believe that His Spirit is still healing people today, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want to live our lives in such a way as to facilitate this healing as God leads, and to partner with Him in that.

  • Genuineness:  Being real is so refreshing. We are not perfect, but we do aim to be real.  We want to have an atmosphere where people feel welcome whether they have a strong faith, or are struggling with doubt, or don't have a faith at all.


  • Partnership:   We are not the only church on the planet, or in Orkney. We love the people of God and love to connect with other churches in partnership which we do in a number of ministries, including Orkney Churches Together and Kirkwall Council of Churches




(4,896KB) 07/09/2011, This is the CGI flavour, what we stand for, who we are and what we believe in. It’s what motivates us and makes us tick. We hope that in exploring these values you will be blessed, challenged, and energized to grow in your personal walk with Jesus so you can reach out for His purposes for yourself and your community, because He calls each one of us to work alongside Him and help Him change the world.

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