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Connecting together to pray, support one another, and encourage each-other is at the heart of who we are and what we do as a Church Family.


Covid-19 and the neccessary policies of social isolation have meant that meeting face-to-face is simply not, currently an option.  We are heartened by the truth that this does not have any affect at all on the unity that Christ has given us in the Spirit.


AND... we also have the technology to overcome the contagion factor and connect over technology. We are currently utilizing Zoom for our:


  • Mid-Week Meetings - 7:30pm on Wednesdays

  • Pre-service Prayer - 10:15 am on Sunday Mornings

  • Sunday Fellowship Time - Following the Sunday Service


The Zoom 'Room' will always be the same Meeting ID ( 9384556210 )

And therefore, will always have the same Connection Link. If  you are looking for that link... CLICK HERE.  


There is a Facebook Video with a bit more of an explanation for how to connect by zoom



If you have any problems at all, please contact us via the contact page.

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